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Who are we?

This is the official website of the BioEngineering at McMaster Society - The student-run society designed to serve and represent students currently in, or interested in a BioEngineering program at McMaster University.

This website is your go-to resource for information regarding upcoming events held by BEAMS. Throughout the year, BEAMS holds formal and informal events to help you in meeting other students in BioEngineering, and exploring opportunities for students in this field.

Our skills

  • Team Work 100%

  • Having Fun 100%

  • Educating you in Bioengineering/Biomedical/Biotechnology 100%

Jessica Trac


I dabble in art, biomedical engineering, and a good junior chicken. You can find me in the form of an egg(sica) during stressful exam times.

Ahmed Fuad Ali


Elec Bio interested in software. loves going to hackathons, eating McDoubles and playing rugby! Catch me on the ball courts bricking free throws

Alexander Sotra

Media Coordinator

Chemical & Bioengineering student passionate about creating novel new medical products and solving difficult real world problems.

George Padeigis


ECE + BME. Love learning, helping, trying my best; from medical devices to accelerating our transition to sustainable energy. Catch me engineering at Tesla this year!

Ama Simons

VP Communications

An aspiring biomedical engineer, who loves dancing, eating and cracking corny jokes

Josh Bierbrier

Upper Year Rep

Electrical and Biomedical engineering student interested in electrical and biomedical engineering.

Marina Manoraj

VP Finance & Admin

Chemical and bioengineering student who loves to play instruments and watch shows

Kaylie Lau

VP Events & MES Bioengineering Representative

Electrical and biomedical engineering student who likes to curl, paint/sketch and play piano in my spare time!

Sharda Kotru

2nd year iBiomed Rep

Electrical and Biomedical engineering student that loves watching bad horror movies and playing video games in her spare time

Ryan Deus

3rd Year Elec Bio Rep

I’m a motivated electrical & biomedical engineering student that loves music, sports & Thode library!

Kevin Gulo

3rd Year Rep ChemBio

A Chemical & BioEngineering student aspiring to make a difference in medicine. In my spare time you can find me on the football (soccer) pitch.

Alexandra Whyard

1st year iBiomed Rep

First year biomedical engineering student. I’m never not listening to music and love all things camp related.

Justin Prez

2nd year iBio Rep

Software and Biomedical engineering student. Love playing soccer, coding, and above all sleeping.

Alexandra Szewczyk

Upper Year Rep

Chemical and Bioengineering Final Year student that loves outdoor stuff, camping and re-watching the office!

Special Thanks

A speical thank you to companies and university organizations that have come out for our events and supported us!