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Who are we?

This is the official website of the BioEngineering at McMaster Society - The student-run society designed to serve and represent students currently in, or interested in a BioEngineering program at McMaster University.

This website is your go-to resource for information regarding upcoming events held by BEAMS. Throughout the year, BEAMS holds formal and informal events to help you in meeting other students in BioEngineering, and exploring opportunities for students in this field.

Our skills

  • Team Work 100%

  • Having Fun 100%

  • Educating you in Bioengineering/Biomedical/Biotechnology 100%

Aditya Thakkar

VP External

I'm a huge guitar nerd, obsessed with Game of Thrones and love the BEAMS family!

Jessica Trac

VP Acedemic

I’m an arts enthusiastic, super into biomedical innovations, and learning/doing/eating as much as I can!

Darren Chang

Technical Director

Computer and tech enthusiast! I enjoy designing graphics in photoshop and building computers!

George Padeigis


I’m passionate, hardworking, and determined. I really care for people, I love solving difficult problems, and I love dreaming about the future.

Andy Fan

VP Productions

Poster boy for BEAMS.

Lauren Liu

VP Finance

Still in a onezie

Josh Bierbrier

VP Internal

Passionate about Biomedical Engineering :)

Marina Manoraj

2nd Year ChemBio Representative

A 2nd year who loves research in drug delivery to the eye, playing the guitar and piano and watching shows.

Husain Tapia

VP Administration

Foodie, hobbies photographer and serial binge-watcher of TV shows! That's me in a nutshell.

Claire Fine

VP Social

3rd year chemical and bioengineering student passionate about pursuing a career in the medical industry. I love hockey, coffee, math and my friends!

Ana Arezina

3rd Year ChemBio Representative

I am an aspiring engineer in my second year of Engineering. In my free time I enjoy meeting new people and spending time outdoors.

Kevin Da

2nd Year ChemBio Representative

2nd year chemical and bio engineering student interested in environmental and biomedical engineering

Alex Sotra

Innovation Director

The combination of engineering principles, and problem solving skills in biomedical applications in order to improve the quality of life of people all across the world is something that I will strive to accomplish throughout my career

Ali Ammar

3rd Year ElecBio Representative

I love the integration of engineering and medicine. I'm passionate and hardworking and will do anything to get where I want to be. I grind on a daily basis and I'm a full send kind of guy.

Brendan Tao

iBiomed Rep

I am super passionate about solving complex bio-engineering problems and BEAMS provides me with the perfect platform to do just that with other engineers. In my spare time, I enjoy playing hockey, guitar, and also spending time with good friends. Can't wait for an exciting year with BEAMS

Sharda Kotru

iBiomed Rep

Hi! I'm 1st a year ibiomed student who loves meeting new people and learning cool things from them. I also have an immense amount of respect for ducks that consistently demand lemonade-vendors to sell them grapes.

Mosana Abraha

iBiomed Rep

Love playing sports and working out! Super excited to be apart of the BEAMS team.

Special Thanks

A speical thank you to companies and university organizations that have come out for our events and supported us!