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Who are we?

This is the official website of the BioEngineering at McMaster Society - The student-run society designed to serve and represent students currently in, or interested in a BioEngineering program at McMaster University.

This website is your go-to resource for information regarding upcoming events held by BEAMS. Throughout the year, BEAMS holds formal and informal events to help you in meeting other students in BioEngineering, and exploring opportunities for students in this field.

Our skills

  • Team Work 100%

  • Having Fun 100%

  • Educating you in Bioengineering/Biomedical/Biotechnology 100%

Aditya Thakkar


I'm a huge guitar nerd, obsessed with Game of Thrones and love the BEAMS family!

Liane Ladouceur

VP External

Passionate about improving the healthcare system. Always happy to chat about all things biomedical!


VP External

Piano player and Java enthusiast "coffee"

Jessica Trac

VP Internal

Hello! I love being creative, and specifically I love to draw! I've spent days sitting around campus drawing McMaster buildings!

Darren Chang

Web Architect

Computer and tech enthusiast! I enjoy designing graphics in photoshop and building computers!

Mark Suan

VP Social

I look forward to a great year with all of you!

Milos Bijelic

VP Productions

My interests include PCB design, autonomous robotics, wearable technology and mathematical modelling.

Ian Gough

Sports Representative

4th year student who loves ultimate frisbee. I balance ultimate with researching ways to produce viruses, and school work.

Jacob Barclay

VP Finance

I love classic rock and tacos.

Sophie Emerson

Chemical Engineering Representative

Big fan of doing research, listening to music, and making bad jokes!

Lauren Liu

2nd Year Representative

Lives in a onesie.

Husain Tapia

2nd Year Representative

Foodie, hobbies photographer and serial binge-watcher of TV shows! That's me in a nutshell.

George Padeigis

2nd Year Representative

I’m passionate, hardworking, and determined. I really care for people, I love solving difficult problems, and I love dreaming about the future.

Ana Arezina

2nd Year Representative

I am an aspiring engineer in my second year of Engineering. In my free time I enjoy meeting new people and spending time outdoors.

Kathleen Margaret

VP Administration

Passionate about bioengineering with a love for new experiences and adventures

Prateek Mathur

ECE Representative

4th Year Engineering

Special Thanks

A speical thank you to companies and university organizations that have come out for our events and supported us!