BioEngineering At McMaster Society

August 02, 2015 / by Kushal Panchal

First Year of Engineering

This is an outline of the compulsary courses you will be enrolled in at first year engineering at McMaster University.

Term 1 Term 2
Chem 1E03
General Chemistry for Engineering I
Math 1ZB3
Engineering Mathematics II-A
Math 1ZA3
Engineering Mathematics I
Math 1ZC3
Engineering Mathematics III-B
Physics 1D03
Introductory Mechanics
Physics 1E03
Waves, Electricity and Magnetic Fields
ENG 1P03
Engineering Profession and Practice
Structure and Properties of Materials
Take Either Term
ENG 1C03
Engineering Design and Graphics
ENG 1D04
Engineering Computation
Introduction to Health and Safety
Complementary Studies Electives (6 units)