BioEngineering At McMaster Society

August 05, 2015 / by Kushal Panchal

Chemical Engineering and Bioengineering

Chemical Engineering and Bioengineering is a new and unique 5 year programme offered in the Department of Chemical Engineering at McMaster University leading to the degree Bachelor of Engineering and Biosciences. It combines the core Chemical Engineering undergraduate curriculum with courses from the biological sciences as well as Chemical Engineering specific courses in areas related to bioengineering. Chemical Engineers use the basic principles of chemistry, mathematics, physics, biology and economics combined with skills in computers to design, operate and troubleshoot processes that are used in the manufacture of materials that are the building blocks of almost everything around us. Graduates from the Chemical Engineering and Bioengineering programme will have these basic chemical engineering skills coupled with unique qualifications in the biological sciences that will allow them make significant contributions to the growing fields of biotechnology and bioengineering.[reference]

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